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Contact and info

For whatever reason you need a photographer in Swindon, the decision is a very important one. My name is Stephen Iles, a professional photographer in Swindon. I want to create for you a unique piece of wall art that captures a moment in time. I want you to have that portrait on your wall for many years and every time you walk past it, it makes you smile. Having a connection with your photographer is very important and reveals itself in the final image. I work very hard at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I will guide you through the posing and you will look fabulous.

I am a very proud father of 5 children, all boys! each one of them completely individual. Engaging with children is so important; it can make or break a photo session. To make babies and children look happy and relaxed in a photograph is what we all want. I believe you have to make a child smile, not tell them to.

From newborn babies to Grandparents or even whole families our portraits are our heritage, our family heirlooms, and our connection with our past. I love looking through our family box of photographs, every family has one.... don’t they? That tangible piece of paper with that completely unique image on it that grandma can talk about for hours. In this digital world we want to bring back the print. How many pictures do you have on your computer? Our photographs are being lost in a digital cloud. Get them out, set them free.... print them!

Capture Photography, photographers in Swindon.

To contact Steve please call or email;
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07885 188079

We look forward to seeing you.